Pre-dating the current Robin Hood Hotel building, The Robin Hood Hotel has been part of the Charing Cross area as a Hotel since 1859. Since the beginning of settlement at Charing Cross there has been a Robin Hood Hotel,although not on the same site. The first Robin Hood Hotel dated from the late1850s when licensed by Patrick Walsh.

A fine example of art deco architecture, the current Robin Hood Hotel building was built in 1938. The Robin Hood Hotel today was completed in July 1938 for Tooth and Co. Ltd. at a cost of 14,890 pounds. This company had purchased the freehold of the site in December 1929 for
16,500 pounds, at the time it bought out Resch’s Ltd. The first licensee of the new premises was EJ Wales whose license was carried over from the old premises entered into in December 1935. Wales only had been in the publican trade for eight years.

The Hotel has undergone multiple renovations and restorations over the years to keep pace with hospitality trends and service needs. Unlike many other renovated pubs, the renovations have been kept in the art-deco spirit of the building as a salute to its heritage. 

See below for a copy of the heritage report of the Hotel 

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